About me

Hello, my name is Jared R. or Jendestroy/Teddy online. I am an avid fan of video games and have been since 2004-2005. I also like to write, watch anime, sing (not good at it), and experiment with new and different hobbies. This website is actually a hobby of mine that I would like to grow into something that I can do weekly or bi-weekly.

My love for horror in general came at a later age actually. I started looking at the genre and thinking to myself, what is so special about horror? So I started off with horror games and instantly fell in love with games like Bioshock, Silent Hill, SOMA, Among the Sleep, Resident Evil, Outlast, and so many more. However I started to realize that the horror in these games would almost never make me feel uneasy, or jump scare me. So I started looking for more to find that game that could send shivers down my spine. And that’s how I started reviewing horror. The same goes for movies although I doubt I’ll review movies on this blog anytime soon.

I hope everyone who visits my blog enjoys themselves fully. I’ll accept any criticism or any praise. I would just like to talk to people about horror.

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