Horror Reviews

  • Martha is Dead Review (Psychological Horror)

    Martha is Dead is a story that starts off strong but ends up failing with a convoluted and confusing story. Many of the people who either read this review or that have heard generally about Martha is Dead knows about Sony asking to censor the gameplay of Martha is Dead and wants to learn more about it. I was in the same boat, I heard about the news and decided to see for myself. I got my hands on an uncensored copy and played through the game with no previous… Read more Martha is Dead Review (Psychological Horror)

  • Lost in Vivo Review (Psychological Horror/Survival Horror)

    When looking back at some of the best games of the modern era what comes to mind is often Outlast, Alien: Isolation, Amnesia, and other mainstream games that blew up either on twitch or YouTube. Lost in Vivo is on par with some of the best horror games ever made. Like Silent hill, Lost in Vivo deals with the psychological elements of claustrophobia and the suffocating darkness that haunts our minds. The Good There is an abundance of good things that Lost in Vivo brings to the table. First let’s… Read more Lost in Vivo Review (Psychological Horror/Survival Horror)

  • Transference (Psychological Horror)

    What is the difference between a video game and a movie? Well the common answer is that there are a lot of differences between the two because of gameplay, length, story, characters and more. Created by SpectreVision, a company founded by actor Elijah Wood, Transference tries to bring the two mediums together to create an interactive horror simulation with the length of a movie. It’s a great concept that other video games have succeeded in doing in terms of creating something like a television show (Quantic Dream), but it does… Read more Transference (Psychological Horror)

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